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breathe4her [userpic]

Good Enough

September 11th, 2007 (10:20 am)

Warp Mind:: aggravated
Escape Piece:: Good Enough - Evanescence

Okay, so I was excited when I got an email stating the new Evanescence video. So I YouTube'd it and here it is!

I just adore that woman, her playing skills and voice.

I've noticed in most of her videos either there's fire or she wet...


Either way, it doesn't bother me one bit. ;)


breathe4her [userpic]


June 17th, 2007 (11:54 am)

breathe4her [userpic]

(no subject)

May 29th, 2007 (02:12 pm)

Warp Mind:: amused

So I celebrated my 24th birthday with my friends and family, Saturday. I have got to say that I had a really really good time - despite the fact that I had to work my Saturday shift.

Amanda had sent me roses to my work. BEAUTIFUL!! and they smelled really pretty. I love them! After work, we had a lunch with Ashley. Mmmm

We were supposed to dress up to go to dinner and I thought "It's me, this is how I dress" so I wore all black. It was lovely! :D We went to Casey's where my family came too, including Nan!! I had an awesome cappelletti. MMMM. Amanda threw me that party and was in charge of inviting everyone. She had an awesome guest list. A-List! lol :D

After, Amanda got me cake from DQ because that was the one thing I wanted from her on my birthday. A DQ ice cream cake . . . woot! We ate a slice of the cake!

Crystal was gonna have a drink with me after Ash and Ter left - but then we got high. She was gonna help Amanda with something special for me - but then we got high. LOL
We had a blast playing Mario Party 8, watching South Park and well, getting high.

All in all, it was a blast.

Sunday - Crystal, Amanda and I went to a Powwow out at Powwow Island. That was fucking awesome. It was the best Birthday weekend ever!!


I'll probably write more later!!

breathe4her [userpic]

(no subject)

April 28th, 2007 (12:13 am)

An update on my day.

. . .

The End.

breathe4her [userpic]

Just A Little uh, Rant.

April 24th, 2007 (08:26 pm)
Where I Exist:: Home
Escape Piece:: TV background

People are so retarded these days. You know it?

So I know a girl. Let's just call her, ERIN. At first she seemed cool, like three lines into the convo, then she pretty much fucked herself over. She requested to be my friend at least 7 times but I denied her and then decided to see what she wanted.

She asked a lot, and I mean, A LOT of questions about my Amanda. Fishy right? Well you had to be there. Anyway, Erin kind of screwed up a few times and I noticed and Amanda noticed so we decided to play along.

Word of advice, FRIEND, when you're trying to screw us over, you better think of a better story line. Yes, we went to your LJ and yes, we went to your gf's. No, we don't have any thoughts of YALL, but when you slipped up, you forced us to look at your stuff. That's just not cool how you tried to play us and for what reason?

Is your girlfriend missing my girl so much that she needed you to do the dirty work? Were you jealous? Are you not happy and wanted a way out and wanted to know how MY GIRL did it? Come on, we're all adults right? Just please be honest with us. What the hell did we ever do to you? I mean, does BRIDGET even know you were talking with me?

So after two weeks of playing along, we got sick of dealing with her, since we have better things to do then humour someone with a mentality of a four year old.

Whatever your deal is, get over it. MOVE ON.

Thank you.

breathe4her [userpic]

(no subject)

April 20th, 2007 (11:58 am)
Where I Exist:: Home
Escape Piece:: Only You - Josh Kelley

Friday. Finally. I get to have this weekend with my baby all to myself! I'm sex-cited. ;)

I don't have much to update today. Or yet. I'm just wanting to make an appearence.

That's all. :P

breathe4her [userpic]


April 13th, 2007 (03:30 pm)
Where I Exist:: Work
Escape Piece:: October - Evanescence

Just a quick update. Not that my journal gets read much anyway. Heh, not that I update my journal enough to be read! And even if I do update it that much, not like it's anything interesting. ;)

So anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi.

I'm at work, listening to Evanescence. Amy's voice puts me in a peaceful trance. Like I'm mellowed out now, you know? I should be doing up a few flyers but meh, the boss ain't here and he won't be for about another hour. He just better not be late for the time I'm to leave here.

Tonight we have big plans, Amanda and I. We're going to just relax, have dinner, watch movies and get baked. Sounds pretty damn mellow too, don't you think? I'm looking forward to the snuggles and kisses more than anything else though! ;)

Well, I'm out!

Peace oxox

breathe4her [userpic]

(no subject)

April 9th, 2007 (11:38 am)
Where I Exist:: Home
Escape Piece:: Evanescence


I'm officially excited! :D

Oh yeah baby! :D



breathe4her [userpic]

(no subject)

March 31st, 2007 (11:54 am)
Where I Exist:: Work
Escape Piece:: Lithium - Evanescence

So last night, Amanda and I got totally high. Seriously :P

We got some stuff and went home. Smoked the shit and laughed, and laughed and laughed. Then I swear I could read Shade's mind. Yea, she was not amused with her Humans. Man, that shit felt good goin' down.

Hmm . . .

That's all I wanted to say :P

Peace oxox

breathe4her [userpic]

Early Bad Mornin'

March 27th, 2007 (08:43 am)
Where I Exist:: Work
Escape Piece:: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy

Well, here I sit at work. Blankly staring at the screen because I can. I mean, have you ever had a morning that the moment you woke up you get a sense of "Yep, this is going to be a bad day." That's pretty much how I felt. And so far, it's true. Funny though, it's only 8:45am so I still have well over 12hours before the day is over.

I should actually get to work and start printing 1000 tickets and cut them. Whoopdyfuckindoo!

Meh, ignore me! :P I'll feel better once I talk to my wife. :)

Peace oxox

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